What to Expect from Your Janitor the First Cleaning

Posted on 15 May 2018 (0)

There are many expectations from your janitor at the first cleaning in order accomplish the best in janitorial service. While a number of people expect foremost service at the least cost, others wish to pay a huge price for just satisfactory service.

It is noteworthy that commercial cleaning is hard work, particularly when it involves an office or large commercial complex. Business owners hire commercial janitorial cleaning companies to do the job right because people working in these buildings just don’t have the time to do cleaning all by themselves.

Here are a number of non-negotiable things you should expect from your janitor the first cleaning.  This list was provided by a first class janitorial service in San Francisco, Maintenance Systems Management.

1. Cleaning Equipment and Solutions

At the first cleaning, your janitor should provide all the required cleaning equipment and solutions that will make the exercise a success. This saves you money and time as an entrepreneur because you will just have to concentrate on the core areas of your business and leave the cleaning aspects to the janitorial cleaning company.

You should expect a walk-through of your business at the very beginning to discover the areas that need cleaning, the cleaning procedures to be involved, the frequency of cleaning and the cleaning solutions to be used.

2. Quality Janitorial Service

You should expect quality service from the commercial cleaning company of your choice. The commercial cleaning company should be insured and licensed in order for you to be protected. This will make you have sense of trust for the work of the cleaning company.

3. Skilled and Supervised Cleaners

Your expectation should be skilled and supervised janitors who have been well trained in different areas of cleaning. They must have been taught different office cleaning techniques and how to solve problems that may occur.

4. A Positive Communications Plan

Your janitorial service should provide you with apparent, transparent and honest communication plan. They should be focused on correcting issues.

5. A Listening Management Team

You should expect quick to respond, welcoming and efficient customer support from your janitorial cleaning service. The management team of your commercial cleaning service should be down to business, engaged and accessible.

6. Spotless Cleaning

Spotless cleaning is another area of expectation from your commercial cleaning services company. The cleaning service should be able to keep up your chosen cleaning schedule in order for your office to be a sparkling clean work environment.

How a Clean Working Environment Can Increase Your Team’s Production

Posted on 08 December 2017 (0)

A clean working environment is one of those things that can increase the production of your team. You ought to know that that if a working environment is not kept clean, it can reduce production. Untidy and messy working environment impact employee performance directly. A clean working environment will go a long way in making a positive difference with productivity in a number of ways.

Continue reading to know how a clean working environment can increase your team’s production.

1. Improved Employees Health

When you have a clean working environment, the health of your team will be improved and this will result in fewer or no health problems. On the other hand, a dirty working environment can cause many health issues to the employees and reduce productivity. Allergens, dust and other particles in the air can cause skin irritation and respiratory issues, while poor air quality will give room for common germs to spread among employees and reduce production.

Businesses can keep their working environment clean and avoid health problems by hiring a professional janitorial service for their office cleaning. this will guarantee a clean office with good air quality and more productivity as there will be fewer health associated sick days.

2. Reduced Workplace Accidents

A dirty working environment is naturally unsafe. Any small mess and spill left to sit around for days can cause an employee to slip and fall. This accident could keep such an employee away from work for months or longer, which can reduce production. But there will be lower risk of accidents when the working environment is kept clean and this will increase production tremendously.

3. Quicker Access to Resources

A clean working environment is a good opportunity for employees to access resources required for production faster, while an unclean workplace makes it hard for employees to get all the resources they need to perform the task. This is because heaps of clutter could make getting to the fax machines or filing cabinets complicated.

There will be increase in production when there is quick access to resources by employees as they don’t have to spend a long time digging out a space in the office in order to get all they need for production.

4. Boosts Employees Morale and Improves Motivation

Employees’ morale is one of the significant factors in office productivity. A clean working environment boosts the morale of your team and increases production, while the reverse is the case in an untidy working environment. A well organized and clean working environment makes the entire workplace conducive for your team to work and increase production.

There is no employee that likes working in a cluttered, dark, and dirty environment. Hence, motivating of your employees with clean and healthy working environment will increase productivity. A commercial janitorial cleaning company can tailor an office cleaning service to go well with your needs, boost the morale of your employees, motivate them and increase productivity.

5. Reduced Errors and Mistakes

A dirty working environment can cause continuous mistakes and errors. As a result of untidiness, employees could be forced to use office equipment wrongly or lose paperwork. Dirty workstations and heaps of paper can make workers to cut corners only to avoid the clutter. However, a clean working environment lets all employees stay organized. This will reduce errors and mistakes and increase production.

Final Thoughts

The best way to ensure a clean working environment is to have a regular cleaning schedule. A clean working environment will reduce employees’ mistakes, boost their morale and improve motivation, offer quicker access to resources needed for production, reduce or eliminate accidents completely, and improve the health of your employees in order to increase the production of your team.

To guarantee the cleanest working environment that will increase the production of your team, invest in a professional janitorial service company. These cleaning services are always prepared to carry out deep cleaning jobs that are beyond the scope of your day-to-day operations. Your entire facility will be spotless, allowing your employees to continue with their normal tasks.

Six questions to ask before hiring a janitorial company to clean your office

Posted on 10 November 2017 (0)

Before hiring a company to provide janitorial services to your office, there is need to do your homework. Homeowners often complain of their bad cleaning experiences which, in most cases, arose from poor research and due diligence on their side. You risk experiencing the same if you don’t do proper research on the cleaning company you want to hire. Hiring a janitorial service on the basis of price is likely to leave you with a bad experience as a result of poor-quality service. Without asking the right questions, you could end up hiring the wrong person or company for the job. Before signing any contract with a janitorial company, here are key questions you need to ask.

Do you prescreen your employees?

A reliable company always does a background check on their employees before hire. The cleaning company should also be clear on which employees will be sent. A background check is a safety measure for you and your belongings since you will have certainty and trust in the person coming to do the cleaning for you. No one wants to risk their property to a person they don’t trust.

How long have you been in business?

It takes much to start and sustain a professional cleaning company. Determine how long the company has been running and the duration the employees have been there. This doesn’t mean that you should not consider a brand-new company, but in general, the more time a company has been in business, the more likely it is to be around in future.

Are you insured and bonded?

A professional janitorial service provider will carry liability insurance and bond. They will also have a policy that addresses what’s to be done if something gets damaged or missing during the cleaning process in your home. You will, therefore, have peace of mind during the cleaning because your property is covered.

Do you carry worker’s compensation?

You definitely want to hire a company that provides worker’s compensation. While the company employees are not your responsibility, you can be liable when they get injured while cleaning your property. The worker’s compensation will help you avoid liability if an employee gets injured while working on your property.

Do you bring equipment and cleaning supplies?

While some companies come along with their own supplies and equipment, others only bring the equipment. You should ask beforehand so as to know if you will be required to provide the supplies. Moreover, be sure to know the type of cleaning products the company uses. If you only need environmentally friendly products, conventional products or both, be sure to know the products they use before hiring them.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

A reliable company should be able to accommodate your suggestions and feedback. You should be able to communicate with them whenever you need them so that your cleaning needs are satisfactorily met. The company should be able to provide a satisfaction guarantee in case you don’t get fulfilled with a certain service they provide.